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About Our Farm

We are a small rural farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We raise our Irish Dexters without hormones or antibiotics and they are pasture born, bred and fed. They get local, natural round bales in the winter from a neighboring dairy farm. Our herd is gentle and can be milked right in the pasture. We raise our animals for meat, milk and sale.

About Irish Dexters

The Irish Dexter is the smallest breed of cattle not considered a minature, with cows measuring between 36-42 inches and bulls between 38-46 inches in height. Once scarce, they have grown in popularity since they are perfect for the small farm or homestead. Dexters are well known for being easy to handle and easy keepers. The breed is considered triple-purpose; used for milk, beef, and oxen.
Dexter Cattle are always solid in color, never spotted. Most are black, although red and dun colored animals are also seen. White markings are sometimes seen on the udder and/or belly behind the navel. Dexters may be horned or polled (born without horns). Horned animals usually have white horns with black tips or white horns with brown tips in the reds and duns.
Dexters are shown and exhibited all over the country and we encourage you to check out Purebred Dexter Cattle Association's website: www.purebreddextercattle.org for breed information, show information and access to Dexter breeders in your area (if you're not near us!)

Recent Updates

We're currently building this website, so bear with us as we learn and grow.  Be sure to check back on our progress!

Want More Info?

We're always happy to talk about Dexters and promote the breed.  We love our Dexters!

New Additions

We'll be posting new photos as we can, and Sue is posting a weekly blog called (Mis)Adventures in Homesteading.  Let us amuse you with our mistakes to help you smooth your introduction to the life of homesteading and Dexters